Terms and Conditions

General rules

 Note that all principles and procedures are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the law of electronic commerce.  Should there be any changes in the rules, procedures and services of Osooli in the future, they will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your use of Osooli means you accept any changes.


 In this section, the words used in the text of the rules are defined.

  • Store: Osooli company online store
  • Website: The website of Osooli Company online store at https://osooli.co/shop
  • Site content: includes prices, text, photos, videos and technical specifications of products or all articles and news posted on the site and blog.
  • User: Anyone who enters the site via the Internet is considered a user.
  • Member: A user who has become an initial or full member of the site is considered a member.
  • Customer: The user or member who buys from the site.
  • Order: The product or products that the customer selects and announces his intention to purchase.
  • Inquiry: Sending an order from the customer to check the availability of ordered products and check for possible price changes.


 In case of any problem in the final processing of the shopping cart, such as running out of stock or customer cancellation, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account within 2 to 12 working hours.

 Users must complete the order form with the correct and complete information when ordering their desired product.  Obviously, in case of entering incomplete or incorrect information, the user’s order will not be able to be tracked and delivered.  Customers can enter someone else’s name, address and phone number to receive the order.

 It should be noted that adding a product to the cart does not mean reserving the product and does not create any rights for customers.  Also, before the final registration, any changes, including changes in product inventory or price, will be applied to the product added to the cart.  Therefore, customers who have a definite desire and decision to buy, it is recommended to finalize their order as soon as possible so as not to run out of inventory or change the price of products.

 Each purchase containing more than 15 kg / number / unit per product is considered “bulk” and according to the rules of the company, Osooli must be registered at least 24 hours before the delivery time of the order.  Otherwise, in the absence of inventory for bulk orders selected at the time of delivery, the principal company has no obligation to deliver on time.

Pricing policy

 The pricing policy in the company is based on the principles of customer orientation and respect for consumer rights, and the prices offered are based on retail prices.  The pricing policy tries to avoid imposing additional costs on customers and tries to launch this system to produce and distribute quality and first-class fruits and vegetables directly from gardeners and farmers across the country and send quickly and on time.  They give their customers an effective role in the satisfaction of both parties in terms of sales.

 The price of all products is subject to VAT and the customer does not pay a separate amount for VAT and duties, and packaging and shipping costs depending on the terms of the order, which is announced in the shopping cart form.  May be calculated separately.

 Due to the sale of fruits based on “kilograms” and the impossibility of adapting 100% of the ordered weight, the tolerance may be around 150 to 300 grams in heavy fruits such as apples, pomegranates, oranges and 5 to 100 grams in lighter fruits such as kiwi  , Cherries and… When delivering the company’s products, we should observe the principles that we apologize to our dear customers in advance, we declare such tolerance in fruit distribution to be inevitable.  Obviously, according to this article of the rules of the site of the principal company, the customer’s use of this site constitutes acceptance of this tolerance and the principal company is free from all its financial and legal consequences.  It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that products such as watermelon, melon, etc., which are sold numerically, contain the weight limits in the relevant product card.  Obviously, in these cases, ordering the mentioned products means accepting tolerance.

 In the sale of fruit numerically, because not all fruits are 100% similar in weight and have a weight tolerance of about 20 to 50 grams, so the calculated price for each fruit is based on the average weight of each series of loads.  Obviously, according to this article of the rules of the site of the principal company, the customer’s use of this site constitutes acceptance of this tolerance and the principal company is free from all its financial and legal consequences.

 The Osooli company fully guarantees the freshness and freshness of the delivered fruits and vegetables.  If users are not satisfied with the quality of the products sent or for any other reason, they can return it unconditionally before the courier delivers the order.  Therefore, while receiving the orders, be careful to confirm or reject the quality of the sent orders.

 Delivery and how to calculate shipping costs and ordering methods

 During delivery, it is necessary for the customer to check the physical health of the product in the presence of the order delivery agent, and in case of any problem or defect, to strictly refuse to receive it, and by returning the product, provide the possibility of resending for the Osooli company.  This resend is completely free and there will be no cost to the customer.

  1. Orders in Tehran are sent only by our fleet and customers can choose between instant shipping and normal shipping.
  2. In the cities adjacent to Tehran, in addition to our fleet, orders are also sent by the postal company.
  3. In other cases, orders are sent through the Post Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Barbari.

 Customers can choose one of the possible shipping methods in the order registration and inquiry stage.  Choosing any method means being aware of its rules and conditions.

 Note: In cases where delivery is selected by the post or freight company, the store is responsible only for delivering the order correctly and safely and in the minimum period of time to the post or freight company and sending the tracking code to the customer.  In these cases, according to Articles 386 and 387 of the Commercial Code, all problems caused by transporting products are the responsibility of the transport operator and the store is not responsible for delays in delivery or possible problems, and in case of problems, the store is not liable and pays damages.  Unless the customer has chosen the company supplementary insurance (information about supplementary insurance is mentioned in the following rules of the site).

Supplementary insurance of a Osooli company

 As explained in the “Shipping Methods” section, when esteemed customers choose the method of sending mail or shipping, the store has no liability for problems and damages caused by the above collections.

 Now, considering that experience has shown that postal companies, especially freight companies, are usually not liable in case of damage, the store to ensure its buyers from compensation and not to be involved in the work processes of the relevant companies, the possibility of supplementary insurance  Has provided for customers.

 Accordingly, customers who choose the option of supplementary insurance in the event of any accident, only with the store is the party to the account and the store will directly solve the problem in a minimum period of time.

 Of course, it should be noted that even the use of supplementary insurance to compensate for damages is only subject to the fact that before receiving the product, esteemed customers check the accuracy and health of its appearance and if the product or packaging has a problem, check it.  Have not been delivered and have not signed the receipt based on receiving the product correctly and safely;  In these cases, it is necessary for the customers to inform the store about the problem immediately after being informed of the problem.

 If sending the order is subject to a fee, the shipping cost will be included in the invoice and receiving any additional amount upon delivery of the product is considered a violation.  If you see such cases, please inform the principal company to follow up through the communication portals on the site.

  It should be noted that the order is delivered at the main door of the building (leading to the street or alley).

Electronic Communications

 When you use the services of Osooli Company or register your online order or send an email to Osooli Company, these communications are done electronically and if your request is complied with by all  Principles and procedures, you agree that the Osooli company will respond to your request electronically (via email, SMS service and other electronic services).

 Also, the e-mail and telephone addresses that the customer registers in his profile are the only official and approved e-mail and telephone addresses of the customer, and all correspondence and responses of the company are done through them.

 In order to inform about discounts, special services, the company may send emails or text messages to the members of the website.

 It is also possible for a Osooli company to communicate with some customers and users through the numbers listed on the site.

 Therefore, sending any text message under the name of the Osooli company with any other number is a violation and abuse of the name of the Osooli company, and if you receive such a text message, please inform us for legal action.

 According to police instructions, it is mandatory to present an ID card according to the ordering person’s name when delivering orders that are paid online.  If the person who ordered the product and paid for it online, wants the product to be delivered to another person, he must announce the name of the person receiving it to the store through a panel, email or SMS, otherwise the store will notify the product.  Do not deliver and in these cases the cost of resending will be borne by the customer.

 Due to the issues and problems that have occurred and in coordination with the police, the delivery of all orders will be at the entrance of the building, except in cases where the esteemed customers request the transportation of floors when registering the order.

 Providing telephone information by experts

 Store experts will always answer the questions of esteemed customers within the framework of the information posted on the site, and since the store experts will not and will not provide information beyond the information listed on the site, any claim made by esteemed customers based on information based on information  Oral (telephone) received from store experts has no legal basis.

 Therefore, esteemed customers are requested to make their purchase only based on the information posted on the store site, and if there are any ambiguities, before purchasing from major sources such as after-sales service companies, resolve their ambiguities.

Possibility of error in site prices

 The store always tries to enter the prices of the products correctly and with the least error on the site.  But since these prices are entered into the site by experts and operators, there will always be the possibility of human error in entering information.  Therefore, when these prices are entered incorrectly on the site, it will not create any obligation for the store to sell the product at the wrong price.

 In these cases, even if the product is invoiced and sent to the customer based on the wrong price, the customer is obliged to return the product if he has not taken it out of the package, or we will deposit the amount differently, and if the product  If it is out of the package, we are obliged to deposit the difference to the store account.  By accepting the rules of the site, the customer deprives himself of the right to any objection in these cases.

 Note: The criterion for inserting the wrong price on the site is the difference of more than 10% of the site price and the customary market price.

 Responsibilities and obligations of users and customers to use the site

  1. Any unconventional, unauthorized and illegal use of the site by users that leads to damage, breakdown, loss or alteration of information, disclosure of users’ personal information and other possible damages, will be prosecuted. .
  2. Users are obliged to protect their personal user information and are responsible for exchanging any information that is done through their user ID and password.
  3. The store will not be responsible for the disclosure of user information due to malfunction or virus of his computer system.

Use the name, photo or logo and customer shopping experience

The use of customers ‘names, photos or logos and shopping experience, in order to introduce and share customers’ experiences in buying from the store with their consent and within the framework of the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Store options

  1. The store always considers itself authorized to make any changes to the site, including technical and appearance changes, changes in services and how to provide it, changes in content and information of the site, changes in policies, rights and laws.
  2. The store has the right at any time to stop providing services to customers and communicating with them in accordance with its interests and to change or delete all its content or services.

Special cases

 Given that the above rules are the general rules of the store and may not be subject to certain goods in special cases, the explanations contained in the invoice and the receipt of delivery of the goods, which is signed by the customer, will be the criterion in these cases.

Privacy Policy

 The company respects and protects the privacy of individuals who use the site’s services.

 A Osooli company is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience.  In fact, by using Osooli’s website, you signify your consent to this policy.

 All content available through any of the principal company services such as proprietary texts, proprietary graphics, logos, proprietary icons, proprietary images, proprietary videos, downloadable and copyable items, data and all content produced by the principal company is part of the property of the principal company  It is considered and the right to use and publish all available and available content is the exclusive property of the Osooli company and any use without obtaining a written license reserves the right to prosecute the Osooli company.  In addition to these scripts, and the names of the services that can be provided through any of the services created by Osooli Company and the registered trademarks are also the exclusive property of Osooli Company and any use for commercial purposes is subject to legal prosecution.  Users or other persons, if coordinated and obtaining permission from the principal company, are allowed to exploit and use the list of products, technical specifications, prices and any use of derivatives of the principal company website or any of the services or content.  Downloading or copying information for commercial purposes, any use of data mining, robots, or similar methods such as data collection and extraction tools are all expressly reserved for the Founding Company.  In case of using any of the services, users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, and all activities that take place under the account or password are the responsibility of users.