Read About Osooli Company

The most equipped refrigeration company of Osooli has been equipped with a 20,000 ton 2-circuit refrigerator with the most up-to-date system in the world for better storage of products and services.  Our company is active in other fields, including basket packaging (plastic injection machines and up-to-date molds) and to serve dear farmers and business owners and advise them.

دستاوردهای کمپانی اصولی

برترین دسته بندی

خط سورتینگ مجهز با دستگاه های مدرن برای بسته بندی با کیفیت و بهداشتی محصولات

مجهز به مدرن‌ترین سردخانه

سردخانه ۲ مداره ۲۰۰۰۰ تنی با به روز ترین سیستم حال حاضر دنیا

۲۰ سال تجربه و حضور موفق

میادین میوه و تره بار تهران و کل کشور و به صورت عمده با بهترین کیفیت و بسته بندی

بهترین کیفیت

ارائه بهترین کیفیت به موجب خرید از تامین‌کنندگان مجرب و باسابقه

Export to European countries

Osooli Company intends to seriously pursue its export to neighboring countries and Europe in 1399 according to the order of the Supreme Leader in the field of production leap, and to bring the unique products of our beloved country Iran to the level of leading companies in this industry.  Export the countries of the world and show Iran’s power in this field to the world.

Internet Business

Online sales of products in bulk and in part with vacuum packages (sorting line equipped with modern devices for quality and hygienic packaging of products) are available worldwide and in the shortest possible time.

Cooperation With Farmers

In order to cooperate with farmers, we are ready to sign contracts and buy agricultural products at reasonable prices, and we are ready to supply fruits and vegetables to all public and private organizations, halls and restaurants.

Provide Poison And Reinforcement

Poison and reinforcement are available for mechanized and traditional gardens and all kinds of updated fruit varieties, and we also do zero to one hundred garden plantings and greenhouse construction.